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Light Therapists
Abbi Lake O'Neill
Abbi was born on a farm in Indiana.  She grew up in the Quaker church. After getting a degree at Columbia University and traveling in Europe, she came to Los Angeles for a career in film.  But when her mother was dying of ovarian cancer, she had a break-through experience and began channeling.  Studying kundalini yoga was the second step in understanding and using her psychic gift. The yoga practice helped her see energetic blocks in chakras, and she began doing channeled readings specifically oriented to dissolving chakral blocks.  Abbi has now done over 1000 readings as a medical intuitive.  Her work is designed to restore the flow of energy in the chakras to heal disease and deeply entrenched behavioral problems.
Private sessions: $150, $75 for half session

Sonia Rodriguez
Sonia is a professional empowerment specialist, coach, advisor and the driving force behind She has worked with numerous organizations and hundreds of individuals seeking significant change. Sonia is both a trained facilitator and speaker and has dedicated her life to assisting people achieve desired goals; find equilibrium, passion and direction in their lives. Her empathic, supportive and intuitive approach provides a space for learning, and powerful insights.  Sonia has a background in higher education and life-long learning.

Cindy Maki
Cindy is a Life Coach, healer and passionate about her work. Cindy is interested in all kinds of things but hands down her truest joy in life is to encourage and support people in finding and living their true, authentic selves. When Cindy discovered Light Therapy something inside her awakened and she knew instantly “I was made for this!” She is a heart-centred positive thinker who offers what she loves doing to help and heal others. She works in Thunder Bay,

 Christine Dobbings                                                       Christine brings a depth and breadth of expertise to the healing field with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Sciences, 20 years of further personal research in Biblical Studies , Theological Philosophy and Quantum Mechanics.  She believes strongly in the mind-body-spirit connection for an optimum healthy state of being in this life.  Christine is specifically qualified to address problematic areas individuals may be encountering in their own corporate culture, and brings light therapy healing to corporate dynamics, de-stressing, and teamwork

Julie Loncar
Julie is a proficient and gifted healer using Light Therapy and works with clients in Palm Desert, CA.  She also accesses wisdom from the angelic realm and does Angel readings and channellings.

Emanuel Snyder
All of his life Manny has had the ability to see light, energy and dimensional doorways.  He was guided to the Gay Healer’s Circle, to his first spiritual teacher, to his first sweat lodge, and then Angel Card Readings for others.  His spiritual training includes a 10 week course on Energy & Prosperity, an Intensive weekend course on Sexual Chakra Healing, and Energetic Massage. He is now a certified Reiki Practitioner, Levels 1 & 2.  He has been successfully giving Angel Card Readings for 2 years. He works in Los Angeles, CA.

Brian Carey
Brian has developed knowledge in the world of Metaphysics and Psychology (BA from SSU) as well as channeled information from higher beings.  Brian is also a classical trained singer, and uses his voice in healing sessions.  His purpose is to help those help themselves, by giving people the tools they need to create their own path in life.  Brian teaches classes on psychic development, energy healing, meditation, and forms of manifestation in Palm Desert, CA.

Dana Dvorak 
is a gifted pet communicator and healer who uses Light Therapy to connect with animals. She can provide diagnosis, healing, and behavioral modification with animals.  She can communicate with their souls after death to provide closure.

Georgea Muschel
Georgea is a Licensed Psychotherapist practicing in Santa Monica who has been on a spiritual path most of her life. She uses varied techniques from traditional therapy, Reiki training, Gestalt training, Stress Management along with guided meditations and Light Therapy to help people actualize their true selves, as well as deal with everyday issues of just being a human on this planet.                 

Kineret Sherman
Kineret is from Israel and now practices deep tissue massage and chakra release body work in Westlake Village, CA.  She is a Light Therapy practitioner and uses the energy work in her full body healings.

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